Louisiana College calls Joe Aguillard

I have mixed feelings about the ruckus at Louisiana College. On the one hand I’m glad that we have placed a conservative Bible believing Christian in the presidents office. Some have criticized his credentials, but contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a scholar to be a college president. You need good people skills, leadership qualities, and administrative abilities. I trust that God will use Joe Aguillard to lift LC out of its woes.

I’m concerned about the drastic split in the trustee vote (17-13) and that the vast majority of the faculty were against his appointment. I do not envy his road ahead.

The textbook approval procedure debacle has me very concerned. IMNSHO, you ought to hire professors who possess a competency in their field and then give them the freedom to direct their courses as they see fit. You can’t teach a College class without the freedom to recommend supplemental reading on the fly. If the school feels a trustee is more capable of selecting course material than the professor, then fire the professor and give his chair to the trustee. Apparently SACS agrees with me and they have placed LC’s academic accreditation on probation. I pray that Aguillard will find a solution to the situation and untie the hands of the professors so they can get back to teaching and Louisiana College can continue to thrive as the great school that it is.


Well he’s found a way. Fire all the faculty! No problem. Now, liberal arts has been removed. It’s just a christian school, if one would be bold enough to promote it in such a way. I certainly have not and never will. Especially where women are considered as subordinate to men and professors are forced to sign that they will teach in accordance with and not contrary to the Baptist Faith and Message. That’s ridiculous! It is, correction, “was” an institution for learning. Now it’s just a domination game. Eliminate those who might pose a threat. That’s how things have changed. I wanted to attend a school where many of my older friends attended, because I respect them. I can’t even talk to them about it, without getting upset over the whole issue. It’s not the same. The professors that were there can never be replaced. An entire department has been replaced since Dr. Aguillard has become president. This means that several people, have had to leave their community in search for other jobs. Reroute their family, find a new church and new friends.

I sincerely hope that by “conservative Bible believing Christian” you did not mean homophobic, power-hungry coward who performed an exorcism on a member of his own family for coming out as a homosexual, but that’s exactly who’s in charge of LC now. If people want to pay to send their kids to a school that has Bible-based curriculum from a Baptist point of view, they should be able to. But in turn, LC should be upfront with the public about the very limited world-view and spirit of intolerance it provides.

Now I hear that LC is trying to establish a LAW school! What a joke. How are teachers going to teach students how to make logical arguments that are not simply backed by scripture? A proper law school teaches students how to argue an issue from all sides, and that will be very difficult to do in an environment that is so intolerant of other ways of thinking.

Not only were teachers fired, but students suffered and continue to suffer. I don’t see a problem with a college president not being a scholar. But I do see a problem with a president who is so power-hungry that he ignores the opinions of faculty and then fires them. And I do see a problem with a man who runs a “Christian” school that has a spirit of intolerance toward not only gays but non-Baptists in general.

Hmmm, interesting that this homophobe has led LC to its largest enrollment in history, removed from probation (with a glowing report)btw never would have been a probation had Rory Lee not lied to SACS due to his removal for incompetence and dishonesty.

Law School is a done deal. Med school will be done in the next year. Things the former liberal leadership only dreamed of are a reality. God is using Joe A. like no president before in LC history.

Grow UP!