Louisiana College calls Joe Aguillard

I have mixed feelings about the ruckus at Louisiana College. On the one hand I’m glad that we have placed a conservative Bible believing Christian in the presidents office. Some have criticized his credentials, but contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a scholar to be a college president. You need good people skills, leadership qualities, and administrative abilities. I trust that God will use Joe Aguillard to lift LC out of its woes.

I’m concerned about the drastic split in the trustee vote (17-13) and that the vast majority of the faculty were against his appointment. I do not envy his road ahead.

The textbook approval procedure debacle has me very concerned. IMNSHO, you ought to hire professors who possess a competency in their field and then give them the freedom to direct their courses as they see fit. You can’t teach a College class without the freedom to recommend supplemental reading on the fly. If the school feels a trustee is more capable of selecting course material than the professor, then fire the professor and give his chair to the trustee. Apparently SACS agrees with me and they have placed LC’s academic accreditation on probation. I pray that Aguillard will find a solution to the situation and untie the hands of the professors so they can get back to teaching and Louisiana College can continue to thrive as the great school that it is.

Diving into the blogosphere

View from the Bayou St. John's bridge looking out to Lake Pontratrain

Today seems like a good day to jump. U.K. psychologist, Dr. Cliff Arnall’s research predicts a lugubrious low for today’s mental health. According to his formula, ( [W + (Dd)] x TQ) / (M x NA), January 24th marks the most depressing day of the year. The fact that the day falls on a Monday this year exacerbates the misery quotient. I wonder how he would factor BD + NB into the equation?

Thirty-seven years ago today, my father teetered on the brink of life and death as pneumonia kept him flat on his back in a hospital bed. Across town, my mother also spent her day in a hospital bed as she brought her first born son into the world. Uncertain of my father’s prognosis, she named me after him. The same hand of providence that brought my dad to a full recovery, keeps my head above water today.

With my feet firmly planted on the bridge and and sappy melodrama flowing onto my keyboard, I plunge headlong into the blogosphere on my thirty-seventh birthday. I doubt I’ll make much of a splash, but want to use this site to record some of my thoughts, highlight my interests, chronicle my studies, and interact with the world outside of my little pool. I look forward to the new adventure.