Adoniram Judson

Two-hundred years ago, not one Christian church stood in the “Golden Land of Myanmar,” then called Burma. Not one Christian voice could be heard lifting praise to the God of Heaven and Earth. As John Piper says, “missions exist because worship doesn’t.” God used the life and sufferings of missionary Adoniram Judson to call thousands […]

Joel Osteen

A couple of years ago Forbes reported on the Ten Largest Churches in America. The 25,000 member Lakewood Church in Houston topped the list. Soon to be finished renovations to the acquired Compaq Center (former home of the Houston Rockets) will host the ever-growing mega-church. Pastor Joel Osteen packs them in with his feel-good call […]

Church Covenants

What ever happened to church covenants? Many churches have covenants written into their constitutions, but serve as little more than historical novelties. “The Baptist Encyclopedia” edited by William Cathcart (1883) indicates that Baptists of 100+ years ago not only viewed their covenant with solemnity, but renewed it monthly in a corporate gathering. Notice the following […]