PART I - Evangelism and Baptism

As A. J. Gordon puts it: ’Baptism is the sacrament which the church holds as a perpetual trust from her ascended Lord, and which holds for the church in perpetual preservation the doctrine in which her life is bound up.’ Preserve the ordinance in its original form and you preserve the doctrine. Distort the ordinance either as to its subjects or its mode of observance, and you distort the doctrine which it was designed to enshrine and safeguard and express.

PART II - Five Lectures in Outline

Delivered at State Workers’ Institute, Arkadelphia, Ark., Feb. 20-25, 1912.


Baptism and the Lord's Supper


Dr. Augustus H. Strong, Baptist:
"These ordinances and their order are doctrines incarnate-living expressions of the inmost reality of the Christian faith - monumental symbols of the truth of God."

Dr. William Sanday, Church of England, in commenting on Rom. 6:4, concerning Baptism:
"It expresses symbolically a series of acts corresponding to the redeeming acts of Christ; Immersion=Death; Submersion=Burial (the ratification of death); Emergence=Resurrection."

Dr. Plummer, Presbyterian, Commentary on Mark:
"It is only when baptism is administered by immersion that its full significance is seen."